Tips for the Best Gelato

Grom Gelateria near the Duomo

Gelato is an art form in Florence, and Grom has mastered it. My favorite flavors have been Lampone (raspberry) and Pistacchio. In each fruit flavor you can taste and feel the pulp or the seeds from the fruit it was created with. Even Pistacchio has the actual bits of nut inside of every bite. The Stracciatella uses dark chocolate with a rich creme base that melts in your mouth.Grom prides itself on being organic and green; even the spoons are biodegradable and compostable.

Tip: Sometimes Grom runs out of certain flavors towards the closing during the summer, don’t be discouraged; try something else, be adventurous! Everything I have tried has been delicious, even if I normally wouldn’t order it.

Another delicious spot is Gelateria di Neri, where locals line up outside the door for delicious Frutti di Bosco (mixed berries) and Fragola (strawberry). These flavors are common at most gelaterias but the difference is that the seeds are still in the fruit gelato which is a good way to tell that the gelato is made from real fruit.

Tip :While gelaterias off of main streets and near major landmarks are usually ridiculously price and not very satisfying, Grom is in an alley way near the Duomo and a small cup only costs 2 Euro. If you’re paying more than 2.50 Euro for the smallest cup, you’re getting ripped off.

How to get there: Grom is the first street on the right of the Duomo if you are facing the front entrance, it looks like a random alley way but you’ll see the line and know you’ve found it. Gelateria di Neri is on the street in between Palazzo Vecchio and the Uffizi, follow the street around a couple of blocks and you’ll see the neon sign.

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