Sculptures: the Perfect Models

Art is abundant in Florence, especially sculptures. Michelangelo’s sculptures are the perfect models for sketching because they never move. I particularly enjoyed drawing David at the Accademia and Night of the tombs of the Medici in the Medici Chapels connected to San Lorenzo.

One afternoon, I buy a soft graphite pencil, eraser, and pencil sharpener at the art store down the street and go to sketch David. There are always open chairs or benches surrounding the massive ill-proportioned man, and you can see him even if there are thousands of people in the museum. I sit in between a mother and her son in an empty chair, the son curiously watching me as I timidly draw David’s torso, not used to having an audience. Several people change seats by the time I leave, each interested in my sketch and trying to steal photographs of the statue; no photos are allowed.

A few days later I go to the Medici Chapels to draw. Tourist rarely visit this museum and it is crowd free at all hours of the day. Alone most of the time, with the exception of the guards, I turn the forms of the female Night’s masculine arm.

Sketching or drawing the art you see in Florence is a good way to study the art here, it makes you concentrate on every detail of the sculpture or painting and really understand it. I never realized that Michelangelo emphasized David‘s hands by making them gigantic until I sketched him. It is hard not to get artistic in the heart of the Renaissance with great masters work around every corner.


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2 responses to “Sculptures: the Perfect Models

  1. Lyn Calloway

    I have enjoyed visiting Italy thru your post and photos! It has been fun.

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